26th Annual Meeting of the RSSB

Domaine des Hautes Fagnes, October 17-19, 2018


Elif Akça (KULeuven). A parametric methodology to estimate the variance matrix of classical measurement error

Maïlis Amico (KULeuven). Assessing cure status prediction from survival data using ROC curves

Stefka Asenova (UCLouvain). Extremal dependence in a Hüssler-Reiss Markov tree

Christine Cutting (ULB). Testing uniformity on high-dimensional spheres against even rotationally symmetric alternatives

Andrea Cristina Garcia Angulo (KULeuven). Confidence curves post-AIC selection

Wen Wei Loh (UGent). Randomization inference with general interference and censoring

Rebecca Marion (UCLouvain). Comparison of model regularization methods for identifying groups of predictive variables

Sophie Mathieu (UCLouvain). Uncertainty quantification in sunspot counts

Motahareh Parsa (KULeuven). Semiparametric estimation in AFT mixture cure models

Josea Rasoafaraniaaina (ULB). Preliminary test estimation in ULAN models

Md Abu Hanif Shaikh (VUB). Identification of Wiener-Hammerstein system with random forest

Antoine Soetewey (UCLouvain). Life and health actuarial pricing: a biostatistics approach

Jing Zhou (KULeuven). Weight choices for the penalized composite and model-averaged estimator in quantile regression