26th Annual Meeting of the RSSB

Domaine des Hautes Fagnes, October 17-19, 2018

October 17

12:30-13:50 Registration & sandwich buffet

Klaus Nordhausen (Vienna University of Technology) (Chair: Davy Paindaveine).
Enhancing your research with R (slides)

Kelly Van Lancker (UGent) (Chair: An Vandebosch).
Improving interim decisions in randomized trials by exploiting information on short-term outcomes and prognostic baseline covariates
Discussant: Elisabeth Coart (IDDI)

Poster storm (Chair: Thomas Verdebout).

Poster session & coffee break

Bastien Marquis (ULB) (Chair: Eugen Pircalabelu).
Comparison of optimisation bias in unstructured and structured sparse variable selection (slides)
Discussant: Rainer von Sachs (UCLouvain)

Roland Fried (TU Dortmund) (Chair: Marcel Rémon).
How (not) to publish statistical research - a personal collection of someone from the middle ages (slides)

Job fair


19:00 Dinner


October 18

8:45-9:15 Registration
9:15-9:20 Welcome word

Roger Koenker (University College London) (Chair: Davy Paindaveine).
NPMLE methods for mixture models (slides)

Parallel session 1, room ADN (Chair: Germain Van Bever)
- Anna Kiriliouk (UNamur). Climate event attribution using multivariate peaks-over-threshold modelling (slides)
Eugen Pircalabelu (UCLouvain). Community based grouping for undirected graphical models (slides)

Parallel session 2, room Apollinaire (Chair: Ariel Alonso Abad)
- Maren Vranckx (UHasselt). Comparison of different software implementations for spatial disease mapping (slides)
- Wen Wei Loh (UGent). Estimation of controlled direct effects in longitudinal mediation analyses with latent variables in randomised studies

10:40-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-11:40 Rhian Daniel (Cardiff University) (Chair: Catherine Legrand). Quetelet society invited talk.
On scientifically relevant mediation-style questions, and approaches to answering them, from large multi-omic datasets
11:40-12:20 Johan Segers (UCLouvain) (Chair: Marc Hallin).
Multivariate tail quantile contours based on optimal transport (slides)

12:20-13:40 Lunch

13:40-14:20 Chris Jones (The Open University) (Chair: Gentiane Haesbroeck).
Flexible distributional modelling for parametric survival analysis (slides)


Parallel session 3, room ADN (Chair: Yvik Swan)
- Fatemeh Ghaderinezhad (UGent). Choose or not choose a prior. That's the question! (slides)
Oswaldo Gressani (UCLouvain). Bridging the gap between Bayesian P-splines and Laplace's method for inference in generalized additive models
Justine Loncke (UGent). The social relations model for count data: to Bayes or not to Bayes

Parallel session 4, room Apollinaire (Chair: Jan De Neve)
- Fien Gistelinck (UGent). Modeling longitudinal dyadic data in the SEM framework (slides)
- Gilles Nisol (ULB). Prediction of singular VARs and application to generalized dynamic factor models (slides)
- Guy Mélard (ULB). Time series models with time-dependent coefficients: asymptotic results (slides)

15:20-16:20 Poster session & coffee break

16:20-17:00 Jessica Barrett (University of Cambridge) (Chair: Beatrijs Moerkerke), Quetelet society invited talk.
Building a dynamic risk prediction model for cardiovascular disease (slides)

17:00-17:50 Quetelet prize presentations (Chair: Beatrijs Moerkerke)
111117:00-17:10 Introduction
111117:10-17:30 Marion Louvel (UGent). On standardising quality of care indicators based on summary statistics
111117:30-17:50 Johan Verbeeck (UHasselt). Generalized pairwise comparison methods to analyze (non)-hierarchical composite endpoints (slides)

18:00-19:30 General assembly

19:30-19:30 Reception and conference dinner


October 19

8:45-9:00 Registration

Maria Dolores Martinez-Miranda (University of Granada) (Chair: Ingrid Van Keilegom).
Goodness-of-fit tests in proportional hazards models with random effects

Parallel session 5, room ADN (Chair: Anna Kiriliouk)
- Alexandre Jacquemain (UCLouvain). Lorenz regression (slides)
Kassu Mehari Beyene (UCLouvain). Smooth time-dependent ROC curve for right censored survival data
Vahe Avagyan (UGent). Stable IPW estimation for longitudinal studies

Parallel session 6, room Apollinaire (Chair: Mia Hubert)
- David Preinerstorfer (ULB). Power in high-dimensional testing problems
Oliver Dukes (UGent). High-dimensional doubly robust tests for regression parameters
Vaidotas Characiejus (ULB). Testing for hidden periodicities in functional time series (slides)

10:40-11:00 Coffee break

11:00-11:40 Gerda Claeskens (KULeuven) (Chair: Thomas Verdebout).
First aid after model selection (slides)
11:40-12:20 Els Goetghebeur (UGent) (Chair: Thomas Bruss).
On the causal effect of gender: beyond the (many!) anecdotes, a statisticians's view on evidence of gender bias (slides)

12:20-13:30 Lunch

Parallel session 7, room ADN (Chair: Jan Beirlant)
- Elissa Burghgraeve (UGent). James-Stein estimators in factor analysis
Julien Remy (ULB). Testing for principal component directions under weak identifiability (slides)
Gilles Mordant (UCLouvain). Distribution comparison tests based on self-similar transport of measure

Parallel session 8, room Apollinaire (Chair: Thomas Neyens)
- Oana Petrof (UHasselt). On the impact of residential history in the spatial analysis of diseases with long latency period: a study of Mesothelioma
- Olajumoke E. Owokotomo (UHasselt). Detection of high dimensional intetinal microbiota as biomarker for immuno-logical response: a Bayesian variable selection approach
- Olusoji Oluwafemi (UNamur). "cyanoFilter", an automated framework for identifying picocyanobacteria populations obtained via flow cytometry

14:35-15:15 Steffen Unkel (University of Göttingen) (Chair: Thomas Bruss).
The genesis and use of time-varying frailty models for representing heterogeneities in the transmission of infectious diseases (slides)

15:15-19:30 Closing